Samstag, 1. August 2009

Anti-immigrant terror in Greece


After a police abduction that travelled them from the southern end of the country to the northern, the Kurdish refugees who reached the shores of Crete seem to have been transferred to Rodopi, Thrace on the North. There is an ongoing campaign against their deportation, especially the deportation of the children among them and of the ones that have already filed asylum applications in Chania.
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Same with the Chios refugees, who are now detained in Tychero, Evros, near the border with Turkey. The police chief of Alexandroupolis has been contacted by journalists and there are two important facts : first, that there were children among the immigrants, who have now been tranferred to Thessaloniki (the exact place is unknown) and, secondly, that he does not want to give a clear answer on what they plan to do. However, it is considered certain that the police wants to «return» them to Turkey.

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There are also reports of ca. 61 arrested immigrants reaching Peireus port with the Mykonos F/B.