Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010

Survivor Marila regaining forces in Miilini while Man hit by coast guard boat

the boat of the family father that died yeasterday near the harbour of Mitilini hit by a coast guard boat.In the meantime:
The small afghan baby,only survivor of the accident near the coast of Mitilini that hapened Oktober 2009,is growing and getting slowly over the worst schok from having being nearly drawn in the sea.Her loving parents have managed to make her strong and never will forget the fischerman who jumped himself in the water to save the baby.The fischermann from the small village Sikaminia in Mitilini did what the Waterpolice that hit a privat boot two nights ago with a 42 year old father of 3 children who had gone out in the sea ,like many people do,to fisch calamares.
After the coast guard speed boat hit his and the man was thrown in the sea,nobody jumped in the water to try to help him,look for him .the coastguard truned around the area for around one hour with their huge motors searching for him being themselfes out of danger and then organised a big airplane ,botas helickopter action that lasted hours and the result was to find the dead body of the man who was working in the University of the Agean in Mitilini,dead with
a bad injury in the back of the head from a propela.
it is well known that coast guard and frontex want to be seen as humanright activists but actions like this proove that they are not even able to help when they want to.
the unlycky family father had friends in the coast guard and was for sure not hit on purpose.