Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Pagani today with growing tomatoes .

But the future for refugees is unknown
Tomatos growing on the prison doors the best sign that the prison is now a useful friendly place. Aslong as the doors dont get openne

the prison doesn´t exist because we wanted it so! w2eu.

tomatos waiting to be picked up.

no more fences! after a defencing action summer 2010.

it is not the blood that makes you be brothers and sisters

container used by the medical stuff and last year by Frontex.

freedom of movement and AZADI!

the cells still are full of beds.....

and the greek Police is publishing new vacancies for 81 Psychologists,  Sociologists and Translators for Farsi , Urdu Pashto and Arabic for 6 months starting July 2011. The job is to translate and work with future deportees preparing the documents and the interviews before the deportation.
The work will take place in Athens, Lesvos,Chios, Samos Orestiada and Axaia, in deportation prisons.
sounds like a hot summer is aproaching!

no border!
freedom of movement!