Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

demonstration in İzmir, Turkey to close Pagani detention on Lesvos

On 9th September 2009 there was a demonstration in İzmir, Turkey to close Pagani detention center for migrants and refugees on Lesbos/Lesvos island. The activists from Turkey and other countries went through Aslancak Kıbrıs Şehitleri street to the Greek consulate holdıng a big banner and spreading over 100 leaflets in Turkish and English to inform about the Pagani prison and the situation inside. On the banner it was written in 3 languages: Noone is illegal in Greek, Freedom of Movement for Everybody in Turkish and Close Pagani Prison in English. On the way to the consulate and in front of it the activists shouted Shut Down Pagani, Freedom of Movement is Everybody`s Right, Noone is illegal in different languages. The letter for the consul was taken by the consulate worker. 2 activists wanted to talk to the consul face to face about shutting down Pagani. The worker told that he needed to discuss it and just after this the consulate was closed in front of the activists faces. That was the Greek authority response. Meanwhile the civil cops started to appear and after a moment they were 20 who began filming the activists.After an hour the activists moved nearby and sat on the grass wıth the banner in front of the consulate. Then the bus full of riot police arrived and civil cops checked the ID of all activists.


Freedom of Movement is Everybody's Right! Smash the borders.... Noone is illegal !!!