Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

NoborderTV available on bittorrent

NoborderTV available on bittorrent
Published on 30. September 2009 in noborder lesvos '09. 0 Comments Tags: bittorrent, download, noborderTV, seed!, share!, video.

Due to popular demand, we make NoborderTV, i.e. all videos from noborder lesvos 09 available on the net. We decided to use the popular p2p filesharing protocol bittorrent as a distribution mechanism in order not to put too much strain on our servers, the torrent comprises 13 films totalling 1.6 GB.

Please don’t just download the films and then kill the torrent: Keep the torrent going, because like this, you help other people to download the films as well. Again: Once the download is completed, do NOT delete the torrent,
and don’t remove the files from the incoming folder.
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For all those who don’t know what bittorrent is: Good Operating Systems/Distributions usually come with a client, for Windows and MacOSX, you will need to download one. There are plenty of open source clients.