Freitag, 27. November 2009

saturday 7 november 6 palestinian children aged 2-12 found drawn in the Turkish coast

Hopes wash up on Aegean coast as dead bodies

Nothing has changed in the Aegean Sea. The journey of hope(lessness) for those searching for a future at the brink of despair ends in sorrow.

The lifeless bodies of six Palestinian children aged between 2 and 12 wash up on the shore.

Over a week ago 19 Palestinians, of which more than half were children, were crammed into a small boat in the town of Turgutreis in Bodrum to head to the Greek Island of Kos.

They brought nothing along with them except their dreams. But death interfered in the hopes of six children after the boat overturned 500 meters from the coast.

The tragedy was mentioned as a disaster that had occurred between the two Aegean coasts, while the deaths of immigrants, which has come to be perceived as commonplace, were simply just another number for statistics.


since 1994 , 492 refugees have drawn in the aegean sea and 823 are missing ,

1.315 human beings that died because of the european border policies.

In the mines of Evros 82 persons have been killed , during the same period of time.