Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

while in skala loutron the winds make it difficult to arive... in pagani another 40 newcomers

the refugees ariving on the other side of the island , are brought in Pagani to spend the night.
women men and children all in one cell ,
the only cell that survived the revolts.
the closure of pagani was a fata morgana that lasted only two days .

silently the refugees are brought there and given "shelter".
thats how the prefecture excuses the fast reopening of pagani.

and today mr venizelos anounced that a military base , close to the town of mitilini
will be given to make an newcomers center that will be "modern" and only guarded from police outside.

everone can imagine how welcoming a military base can become.
for people fleeing from war and needing badly shelter peace and asylum.

no military bases for refugees .
open welcome centers and the right to stay!

no one is illegal