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Deaths at the greek borders oktober09-january2010

Deaths at the greek borders oktober09-january2010

this is only a report about the deaths that have been known.......

only if people survive and talk about it

or if the bodies are found , the death is getting reported.

27.10.2009 in Lesvos 8 migrants from Afghanistan have drawn when their wooden motorboat crashed on a rock only few meters away from the Korakas beach in Lesvos.Five children two women and a man drawned.

Saturday 7.11.2009

6 dead palästinian childrens bodies aged 2-12 where found in the beach of Bodrum(türkey).The dingy in which 19 palästinian migrants where travelling to Kos island in Greece has turned over 500 meters before reaching greece.

Friday 11.12.2009

2 dead migrants after boats sinking near the island of Leros.Fischermen found 25 migrants on a rcok and the dead bodies of two others.

Dezember -january 2010

10 dead migrants in EVROS

from the 31 dezember2009 till the 5 january 2010 ten bodies of migrants have been reported in beaches between Alexandrouoplis and Rodopi in the northen Greece.

The first dead body was found in a beach of Alexandroupolis in the 31.12.09.

On the 2.1.2010 the limeniko (greek harbour police) has found two dead bodies in the beach of Kiani Akti (golden beach) von Makri in Alexandroupoli.the bodies of a woman and a man.

The same day two dead men where found in the areas Ptroton and Imero von Rodopi.

On the 4.1.2010 two dead bodies of a very young woman and a man where found near Alexandroupolis.

On the 5.1.2010 two more womens bodies and one man where found.

The bigest reported accident in the Agais happend on the 10.12.2007 near Izmir with 70 dead and many missing migrnats....

since 1994,

492 deaths of migrants without papers have been registerd in greece having drawn in the Agais, 823 migrants are reported missing, a number of 1315 known deaths of fortress europe.

In the same time 82 people are reported killed in the mines of Evros in northern greece.

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