Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

Court decides deportation of revolting refugees in VENNA

9th February 2010

  • 36 migrants from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan were judged with 8 months of imprisoning with suspension and judicial deportation, while another 6 were judged with 4 months with suspension and judical deportation because they revolted before some days in the "welcoming" migrants' center of VENNA in Rodopi . They revolted because of the conditions in the prison , no medical health, no laywers, no clothes not getting in the yard.
  • The court instead of giving them right and force the responsibles that the conditions improve, decided to expel them immediatly from Greece back to their countries where their life is in danger.
  • A solidarity group" initiative against detention centers in rodopi and evros"
    is meeting in Xanthi to react to this decision and make the refugee situation in the greek detention centers known.
  • all detention centers schould close immediatly
  • no one is illegal
  • immediate freedom for all imprisonned refugees
  • the fight for life respect und freedom is not illegal.