Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

global pass stories

refugees tell their stories and we print them in a globalpass.
for people having so much trouble because of not being registered and not having papers to identify themselfs, is a global pass a small strength, a possibility to say : here i am ! read my story, i do exist! even if for the moment, i do not have papers.

the first globalpass action took place during the antiracamp08 in hamburg .

at the actionday against deportations and frontex at the hamburg airport a group of people ,
was distributing to the passengers but also to the people working at the airport, global passes .
since some of the people whos stories were in the global pass where distributing themself
the direct confrontation with the reality of people in danger to be deported, made wonders.

more global passes are produced now and will be on the homepage soon.

but we dream of a world where
no passports at all are needed and everyone enjoys
freedom of movement

no one is illegal