Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

17.10. demo against police brutality that caused the death of Mohamed Kampan in Nikea-Athens

Yesterday (17.10.2009) a demonstration was organised in athens by  anarchists  for the torture which lead to the death of a migrant from  pakistan, in the police department of Nikea (an area in athens).  Mohamed Kamran Atif was arrested on the 27/09 after some charges for the  abuse of a minor. While the invasion of the cops at the house he was  staying with his family, he was beaten badly by the cops and then he was  driven to the police department of Nikea. all the way to the police  department they kept beating him and while he was kept there he  complained later to his family that he was tortured even by  electroshock. The accuser didn't recognise him so his brother was called  to pick him up. He was forced to sign a paper saying that his brother  (Mohamed Atif) didn't carry any bruises or any signs of abuse. There are  also information that his papers (allowance of staying in greece) were  also destroyed from the cops as a mean of pressure to him. He had clear  signs of abuse and torture but he was too afraid to go to the hospital  to be checked by the doctors. After a few days, on the 09.10 he died as  his body had suffered insuperable damages. The greek media of course  didn't cover the story as they all now praise the new "socialist"  government.  Yesterday, around 500 anarchists were gathered a made a demo towards the  police department of nikea. The whole area was full of cops, (all of the  kinds) and they were following the demo all the way. when the demo  reached close to the police department, the road was closed by a police  bus. then the cops got attacked by the demo. as the demo was going away  from the area, and while there was still some stone-throwing taking  place, the riot cops attacked the demo with tear-gases and shock  grenades. The demo continued to draw back until it reached the square  where it was agreed to end. Info then started coming about people that  got arrested while they were trying to leave the area where the clashes  had happened. Apart from that, a lot of people got arrested while they  where leaving nikea after the demo.  Today 8 persons passed from the public prosecutor and 5 of them were  charged with felonies for public disobedience, according to the new law  about covering your characteristics while on a public demonstration. The  rest of them were charged with delinquencies. Tomorrow they are going to  pass from the court.  Since yesterday the city hall of nikea is under occupation from the  people that were at the demo and some more solidarists, demanding the  release of the people that got arrested and the retraction of the  accusations.  More info and photos on athens.indymedia  _________________________________