Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

fischer rescues baby and names of dead children and women

marila has survived.
a fischer has rescued her and her family few seconds before drowning.
the family that could finnaly today reunite after this traumatik experiance wants to thank this man.
by a " mistake" the father mr. arif soldier was yeasterday separed from his wife and child and imprisonned in pagani.
only through our getting to know him the unbelivable "mistake" could get changed and the father could finnaly 24 hours after the accident meet his wife and the child.
in this place we want to thank the fischerman who saved the lifes of this family and write the names of the dead children and women and man for everybody to remember:
hansadar gumas father
yalda 8 years
neda 10 years
mehdi 4 years
zakia mother
sonia 6 years
abulfaza 3 years

it is not sure if two more people are missing.

freedom of moovement is everybodys right!
open borders and the right to stay for all!!!