Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Call to come to Calais, France (need help urgently)

Call to come to Calais, France (need help urgently)
At this point, Calais is becoming a hell. The "jungles" and squats Calais
are being destroyed. The immigrants are being arrested, detained and then
sent back to the streets with no place to sleep and constant fear of
police violence.

The police and their dogs are preventing immigrants can
return to their previous shelter to pick up their few possessions.
Children as young as 8 are roaming the streets without a home.
As a result, some immigrants have begun a hunger strike and
need our support. Since the No Borders camp in June in Calais we have had
a constant presence, with activists and migrants working together in
solidarity taking action against Besson´s repressive regime of border
control. At the moment there are very few activists in Calais we need

Come to Calais and if you can´t take action and mobilise.
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