Samstag, 11. April 2009

briefing for refugees in Athens visitng the Foreign.Migrants department


According to the methods followed by the greek police, those who manage to get into the Foreign Nationals-Migrants Department of Athens in Petrou Ralli, will receive a small piece of paper which assigns a specific date for interview. After the interview, another paper is given (Service Memo) which bears their photographs and the stamp of the police that writes when they have to go at Petrou Ralli to receive the pink card (residence permit).

The same day in which they receive the pink card, they also get another piece of paper (Disposition/Decision). The Disposition bears a stamp by the police and at the right bottom lies the issuance date (date of print) and it says in greek that in 10 days period an appeal must be done otherwise the asylum application will be rejected. Many received the Disposition when they tried to renew the pink card.

Those who received such a disposition and did not make an appeal found themselves in the end without papers. Thus, when they tried to renew the pink card six months later, the police dispossessed their pink card.

With a new call of the police, those who have received the Disposition that was printed from the 11th of July, 2008, until today (the dated written at the right bottom) and resulted without papers, can go at Petrou Ralli Department and get back the pink card.

For free legal consultancy you may visit the Legal Team for the Rights of Refugees and Immigrants, 60, Akadimias Street, 3rd floor, Monday and Wednesday 17:00-19:00, phone number: 210-3398249

Initiative of Refugees, Immigrants and Solidarios