Montag, 27. April 2009

minister promises!

Now the greek goverment found finnaly the solution for the Refugees trying with any means to leave greece from the patras port, risking their lifes:

Keep them by force in Greece. And put them in closed camps ,  actually prisons. 

But if the european union pays for them they are named wellcome centers.

so now the minister of the interior decided that the selforganised camp in patras schould be closed by the month of may09.

it seems he doesn´t know that:

ministers come and go.

refugees stay!


Patras migrants

Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos promised on Saturday that a makeshift camp housing hundreds of illegal immigrants in squalid conditions next to the port of Patras would be shut down by the end of May and that its inhabitants would be moved to a former army camp. «The new camp will be organized, guarded and will meet standards of hygiene and the protection of human rights,» said Pavlopoulos during a visit to Patras on Saturday. He added that underage migrants would be transferred to two other special camps.