Sonntag, 11. April 2010

do refugees have to die to be respected in Greece?

last goodby for 15 year old afghan Hamidula Natjafi

the 15 years old Hamidula, killed in the center of athens, from a bomb that exploded in his hands, while he and his mother and junger sister where looking in garbage bags, for food rests, was given the last goodbye, from the afghan community in athens and friends.

Hamidulas father requests that the murder of Hamidula are punished , says that it could have been any child taking in his hands this clock-bomb.

The body of the young boy will be transported to Afghanistan on the expences of the greek goverment.The ministery of health has opened a bank account and the money will be used to make an ngo in the name of Hamidula for , like the father said:
children being afected from blind brutality.
also the operations of the 11 year old sister who got badly injured in the eyes and needs many operations to be able to see again, has to be paid.

the vice minister of inner afairs Vougias, was also present and promised the family the solidarity of the goverment.
there was even a possibility that the political asylum of the remaining familiy will be aceepted.
the church has anouced to give shelter and take over the acomodation and food for the family.

all this news are from an artikel in the greek daily newspaper NEA.

sounds of course good when finnaly the greek authorities take over
a responsability for refugees.

my only big question is:

why do migrants have to die to be finnaly seen in greece and respected?

we wish that refugees alive are respected and can finnaly live in peace and freedom of moovement.

but as long as the european borders are closed and military protected
and as long as european goverments see refugees as a danger,
only dead refugees will have a chance for respect.