Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

Lesvos Solidarity Network-

Solidarity Message

The world is a dangerous place,
not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing
(Albert Einstein)

Living on the border line, we daily witness the state’s repression. Fortress Europe is organized -on the consensus of the Greek governments- facing the victims of its actions as a threat. Refugees are either the victims of the conflicts left behind by the colonialization, or the victims of the neocolonial politics of the West World. Once arriving here, refugees have to face the repression on the borders living behind thousands of deaths, detention centers, unexisting asylum systems and massive deportations. Samos’ island recent example, clearly demonstrates the policies chosen by the European governments. In these detention centers people are categorized in “deportables” and “not deportables” by FRONTEX. Afterwards they are transferred at the detention centers in the Greek-Turkish borders, in the region of Evros, where we lose any contact with them. The emotional statements such as “Dante’s Inferno” (Vice Minister’s statement after visiting Pagani’s detention center, Lesvos island, October 2009) are meaningless when followed by repression and exclusion policies.
In this context of “economic recession”, we watch with terror the European governments trying to preserve the neoliberal model by any means. We witness with terror the strengthening of organized racism and its facist branches as an alternative to the neoliberal globalization. We have already experienced this solution in the past. We react now. We either exclude racism now, or we’ll confront with it in the future. It’s a matter that concerns all of us.

The victims of the neoliberal capitalism won’t pay its crisis.

We express our dynamic presence against social injustice.
Abolish FRONTEX and the Dublin II Regulation.
We will fight against any effort of enforcement of repression.

Lesvos Solidarity Network
April 2010