Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

requests by 126 refugees in Samos-14 frontex agents in the detention center!

The requests are signed by 126 refugees, most of them palestinians. They are on a hunger strike since yesterday, monday. There are 150-200 prisoners in total. They have raised 3 big signs. FREEDOM! WE ARE NOT ANIMALS, and the third one something like: we came here to seek for protection, we are not criminals, why are we in jail? Why are there any borders?

There have been two group deportations, and the detainees claim that they will commit suicide because they know that they will be the next group to deport.

In the afternoon in the camp there were 14 frontex agents!

This morning a guy who refused to enter the restaurant and eat because he is on a hunger strike was bit by a cop until he fainted. At first they moved him to the hospital but after a few hours they took him at the police station so that no one can contact him or take any pictures of his wounds.