Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

alles andere ist mord

Montag, 29. Juni 2009

No border Calais - Camp Statement /and last news

for more infos :

Camp Statement

People who want to travel to the UK from Calais live under inhuman conditions and constant harrassment. This area is a space confiscated by police and smugglers and where groups and individuals supporting migrants are criminalised. This repression is created by the externalisation of UK border controls to France, widespread hysteria about migration and the Dublin Convention. We support freedom of movement, oppose borders and racist discrimination. As first steps, we demand:

1) Unconditional entry into the UK for all
2) The places where migrants are living must not be raided or destroyed, and access to healthcare must be guaranteed
3) Freedom of movement for all around Calais: the ability to travel to all parts without restriction, harrassment or fear of arrest
4) No repeat arrests
5) Freedom of expression for all, including migrants: the right to protest and the right to make complaints to the authorities, individually or collectively
6) No deportations (whether by charter flight or not)
7) End repression of associations/individuals who support migrants, including by transporting them
8) Free and impartial legal advice on UK and other asylum and immigration systems
9) Britain's policy of arbitrary immigration detention without time limit must not be exported to Calais. There must be no new detention centre and especially no Guantanamo style facility.

- Calais No Border Camp, 28th June 2009
For more information about the situation in Calais, see "Law of the Jungle", produced independently from this statement.

Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

how to lesvos- shoes wanted!!!!

soon available the HOW TO CAMP small reader for the noborder09

with a call for every person comig to the noborder camp in Lesvos
to bring with a pair of mens shoes 40-44 size
for the refugees who need to continue their journey.

Samstag, 13. Juni 2009

Thank you! Greek Authorities !

issued 23/10/2003
valid up to 13/8/2003

Freitag, 5. Juni 2009

new Frontex boat in Mitilinis harbour

since two days a new boat working for Frontex is in the Harbour of Mitilini.
40 officers will stay for 1 month for the Operation Poseidon-trying to keep refugees
away from the greek coast.
also an austrian helikopter is expected the next days to take part in the operation.
the polish airplane that took part till end of mai at the operations in lesvos,
left the tourists schocked seeing it at night hunting refugee boats with its lights in the sea!!!

Anything else is murder!

2 new posters

Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009

the anarchist schlager orchestra and videofraxia present:

a 16 minutes dvd/ for the noborder camp lesvos09 in german soon also in english and greek

Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009

new poster for the noborder camp lesvos09

werbung aus lesvos für geräucherten fisch




It is common knowledge, that during the last decades, thousands of people are uprooted from their homeland due to invasion of their country, civil wars or simply poverty. Having packed their hopes for a better world, they start on a voyage – an Odyssey towards Europe expecting to find a better life there. They are the refugees. They believe that in Europe they will be safe, they will live a decent life and enjoy the rudiments of civil rights.

The geographic position of our country is the main gate to their dream. Thousands of those come through Lesvos. According to the United Nations High Comission records, 13,000 thousands have been registered, in 2008 alone.

And it is the coasts of our municipality, along with the coasts of the municipality of Mandamados, where these refugees who have managed to avoid the illegal “trasporters” first come ashore. Wet, battered, tormented, in the illusion that their turmoil is over.

We witness their suffering and we are aware they are abused. Our country and our island in particular, have become infamous throughout Europe for the terrible state of the place where they are kept In the area of Pagani.The recent presentation at the Conference Center of Mythimna was stunningly informative.

We want to help these people and as minimum of humanitarian behavior, we, the citizen of this place request the Municipality of Mythimna for their factual cooperation and support for the construction of two waiting areas (places) for the refugees and two WC closets nearby.

  • These waiting areas can be sheds, tents or kiosks.
  • We propose their location to be in the greater area of Skala Sykamias and Molyvos at places that you will specify.
  • At those places there will be banners with elementary information, for the refugees in English and in their native language. There will also be maps of the greater area so that they will be able to know where they are.
  • The under establishment support group of the refugees commit themselves to man, on a voluntary basis, those waiting areas offering refreshments, coffe, tea and staple food. Clothing will also be offered, if necessary, from the already existing stock.
  • We believe that the WC closets are of outmost importance in order to preserve the public hygenics. They should of the “turkish” kind and we, as a group, undertake the obligation to keep them meticulously hygenic.
  • The purpose of those areas will be to offer weather protection and a helping hand to the refugees until they are collected by the authorities to be transferred to the state reception places.
  • Some of our fellow citizens may argue that places of this kind may blemish the tourist picture of our town. We would like to emphasize that never ever has humanitarian expression blemished the picture of a town. Further more the visitors of our town will realise that our attitude towards the refugees is civilised, human and well organised. They will have one more reason to respect our country.

However, this place has many times embraced refugees in the past. It is sensitive to human suffering and knows very well how to relieve it.

Signatures of citizens of the area who support this petition are attached:

solidarity painting from RD Congo