Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

no more pagani! today the last refugees where set free!!!!

today at around 13 o´clock the last 120 refugees got their registrations papers and left pagani.
some of them have been 3 weeks inprisoned.

the hapinness of the children that realised so soon in their lifes what freedom means was touching

getting then the ship tikets for going tonight with the boat to athens.lets hope that the weather will make it possible for the ship to come to mitlini.otherwise 150 people will need a shelter tonight.

one of the eldest afghani women.travelling go to her children.
the prisons keys outside the prison.....someone has forgotten the key.
but doesn´t matter we prefer open doors and hearts!

Freitag, 30. Oktober 2009

last day of pagani? demonstration and squatet warm night for refugees

after 24 hours spend in the cold in the harbour, this palastinian baby finnaly found the warm place to dream of a world without borders probably, in the freshly and for this purpose squat of a university buidling in mitilini,tonight.
also the grown ups enjoy being free from pagani but also in the warm learning place...
this noon in pagani,while somebody writes again and again the word freedom,
all police and social workers have disapeared since two days.
also the doktors don´t come anymore.
the only ones are the refugees who stay inside as long as they dont get the registration paper,and one police car outside.
the newspapers said today that pagani will close by monday.

this evening 250 people demonstrated in mitlinis town, for the closure of Pagani.
among them 30 refugees , just freed the last days and not having gotten ferry tikets
from the prefecture and not having themselfs money to go on,
stayed in the harbour and joined the demonstration.

i like the freedom this way !
said one of them holding the front banner.

since 24 hours in the cold, before that 28 days in pagani.

the last prisonners of pagani wave goodby.
"sorry! instead of love we give you trouble! "
said this young afghan boy
thanking us for the solidarity.
his best friend is still in pagani.

big happiness about getting finnaly the ferry tikets from the prefekture.

a bus in the harbour with the grafitie: our home is the hole world.
and behind the window the sign: please validate your tikets .

a palästinian couple with two kids schow their papers from the UNHCR.
but greek authorities can obviously not yet read.

close down pagani! says todays newspaper in mitilini

but because the newspapers never lie ,if you continue reading you will find out that the prefekt wants to close the next day pagani to...repear it from the damages of the revolts.
in the meantime reufugees will be brought to hopsital for the health check and then to the island of chios or other detention centers in greece.

this aftrenoon a demonstration will start at 18 o´clock on the central place sapho in mitilini
for the immediate closure of pagani and the closure of all detentions centers .

open welcome centers.
fast registration procedures
and freedom of moovement!

Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

mitilini today report

"illegal refugee no4

was a notice on the body of the little Neda HANSADAR.

even when you are dead the language used bei forentik doktors is rassist!

for the first time the graves of refugees in mitlini graveyard are with names.
usually ther is only the word : afghan and a number.
good that survivors are here and cared.


hello to all,

today a press-conference, organised from a new local alliance, was

held directly in front of the gates from Pagani, and for tomorrow,

friday, a call was launched for a demonstration in Mytilini. The main

respective demand is the immediate closure of Pagani (and finally of

all other internment/detention-camps). On the backgound of various

developments within last days it seems to be really possible, that

Pagani will be closed next days! Following you find a short summary

what happened last week ( see the more detailled daily reports at and the appeal to international

solidarity-activities (fax/email-campaign) for tomorrow and in the

next days.

greetings from some noborders and friends in mytilini

Short summary of last week

End of last week the vice-interior-minister from the new government

was in Lesvos. "worse than the inferno from dante" was his public

comment in the medias after his visit in Pagani, where he was

directly confronted with the unbearable conditions and the protests

of the arrested refugees. and he explicitly said, that Pagani must be


Shortly before this "representative visit" from athens another little

revolt happened in the prison, and in two following evenings fire was

set up in two cells. mainly the young refugees used the fire as a

succesful mean (what is not exactly safe and some people suffered

from light smoke poisoning) in their struggle against the arbitraly

and inhuman internment. the young men of the burned cell could stay

over night in the yard (it was/is still warm enough), and after the

day before yesterday most locks of the cells have been broken by the

inmates. the police left it undone to repair and to lock them up

again: not accidently as they wanted to avoid more conflicts and

perhaps hoped, that the situation would calm down. in the same

evening nearly all cells have been open, the inmates could meet and

gather in the yard, they enforced a sort of permanent yards exercise

(given before even not an hour in a week!), they sang out and

clapping the hands...

anger and the motivation to resist increased in pagani in the weeks

after first achievements during the nobordercamp, and although 100 to

200 refugees have been released every day and could travel with the

ferry to athens, the newcomers follow in the same mood.

in some greek newsletters it was clearly documented, that policemen

had beaten refugees in Pagani (short time after the leave of the vice-

interior minister), and afterwards the police in lesvos seemed to be

in an additional defensive position. reportedly the police want to

get closed pagani too in the meanwhile, they obviously want to escape

from a situation, where they get under increasing pressure from

inside and outside the prison.

finally in the morning of the day before yesterday the bad news came

out, that 8 women and children from afghanistan drowned, when their

boat capsized after crashing on rocks. 8 new victims of the

borderregime, 10 more people could be safed in last minute by a

fisher (who jumped into the water to save a baby).

in the same day a local meeting was held in mytilini, the press-

conference for today was decided and the demonstration for tomorrow/

friday. everybody agreed, that we will not demand for any improvement

of living conditions in pagani, its only about immediate closure!

and if it is possible to continue to make pressure on various levels,

the closure of pagani seems to be realistic for the next days.

on this backgound another proposal came up to get involved the

transnational networks: to start a fax- and/or email-campaign, on one

hand to the vice- interior minister to remember to his promises, and

secondly to the prefect of mytilini with the demand to (re) open the

pikpa-building as a reception center (as interims-solution). so the

remaining arrested refugees and migrants (in moment less than 150)

could be released immediately.

so our immediate demands are:

Shut down Pagani now!

(Re)Installation of an open reception center Pikpa!

Immediate registration-procedures and transferoptions to Athens!

in greek:

na kleisi tora i pagani!

na xananixi to anichto kentro ipodoxis Pikpa!

amesi ekdossi ipiresiakou simiomatos ke xorigissi isitirion gia athina!

and these demands should be send tomorrow/friday or also monday and

tuesday in greek (and english) to the followoing responsible

authorities in athens and mytilini:



mr.Pavlo Bogiatzis


tel 22513-52101 /2/3

fax 22510-46652



vice minister Spiros VOUGIAS


10177 ATHENS

tel 210-6977505

fax 210-6929764

Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

fischer rescues baby and names of dead children and women

marila has survived.
a fischer has rescued her and her family few seconds before drowning.
the family that could finnaly today reunite after this traumatik experiance wants to thank this man.
by a " mistake" the father mr. arif soldier was yeasterday separed from his wife and child and imprisonned in pagani.
only through our getting to know him the unbelivable "mistake" could get changed and the father could finnaly 24 hours after the accident meet his wife and the child.
in this place we want to thank the fischerman who saved the lifes of this family and write the names of the dead children and women and man for everybody to remember:
hansadar gumas father
yalda 8 years
neda 10 years
mehdi 4 years
zakia mother
sonia 6 years
abulfaza 3 years

it is not sure if two more people are missing.

freedom of moovement is everybodys right!
open borders and the right to stay for all!!!

Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

in memory of the 4 children and four afghan women drawn today near lesvos

8 dead people today

drawn in the agean sea.
on their way to europe.
on ther way to a better future.

mothers and children.the men survived.
8 dead people because europe closes its borders and obliges people trying to get a better future for their children or themselfs to take dangerous ways to achiev their dreams.

if the borders would be open this children and women would not have died.

instead of lying in the earth of the island of mitlini they would be now runnig around happy
like the children of the politicians who take the decisions to close the borders of europe.

this childrens death needs to be the last ones.


Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009

Pagani protest in fire today after police brutalitys

the vice minister had come two days ago and said how sorry and schocked he is about the unhuman detention center of pagani.
but nothing changed.
as soon as he turned his back the police started beating the refugees again like if nothing had happend.
so today a new fire revolt took place, the only way for the refugees in pagani to make themselfes be seen....
close down pagani now!

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009

a report on secret deportations from Greece

The Norwegian Asylum Seeker Organisation, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the greek organisation AITIMA published today a report on secret deportations from Greece. I hope it will help to get thorugh the demand to stop deportations to Greece from other European countries. the report shows cases of refoulment.

The report is in English an can be downloaded at

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

Pagani today: cat worried- 300 prisonners free!

for more look at

Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

new arivals tonight in mitlini-from frontex watch

ouzo was great, but then came the limeniko(water police boat) and went out of the harbour at 23..30 without lights

like frontex used to do,

and an hour later, at 24.30, they came back with around 20 refugees,

that had to help carying the motor out and had to go for short time to the container prison

and then where brought to the prison car that would drive them to them to pagani.

to the next revolt!

good night.

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

17.10. demo against police brutality that caused the death of Mohamed Kampan in Nikea-Athens

Yesterday (17.10.2009) a demonstration was organised in athens by  anarchists  for the torture which lead to the death of a migrant from  pakistan, in the police department of Nikea (an area in athens).  Mohamed Kamran Atif was arrested on the 27/09 after some charges for the  abuse of a minor. While the invasion of the cops at the house he was  staying with his family, he was beaten badly by the cops and then he was  driven to the police department of Nikea. all the way to the police  department they kept beating him and while he was kept there he  complained later to his family that he was tortured even by  electroshock. The accuser didn't recognise him so his brother was called  to pick him up. He was forced to sign a paper saying that his brother  (Mohamed Atif) didn't carry any bruises or any signs of abuse. There are  also information that his papers (allowance of staying in greece) were  also destroyed from the cops as a mean of pressure to him. He had clear  signs of abuse and torture but he was too afraid to go to the hospital  to be checked by the doctors. After a few days, on the 09.10 he died as  his body had suffered insuperable damages. The greek media of course  didn't cover the story as they all now praise the new "socialist"  government.  Yesterday, around 500 anarchists were gathered a made a demo towards the  police department of nikea. The whole area was full of cops, (all of the  kinds) and they were following the demo all the way. when the demo  reached close to the police department, the road was closed by a police  bus. then the cops got attacked by the demo. as the demo was going away  from the area, and while there was still some stone-throwing taking  place, the riot cops attacked the demo with tear-gases and shock  grenades. The demo continued to draw back until it reached the square  where it was agreed to end. Info then started coming about people that  got arrested while they were trying to leave the area where the clashes  had happened. Apart from that, a lot of people got arrested while they  where leaving nikea after the demo.  Today 8 persons passed from the public prosecutor and 5 of them were  charged with felonies for public disobedience, according to the new law  about covering your characteristics while on a public demonstration. The  rest of them were charged with delinquencies. Tomorrow they are going to  pass from the court.  Since yesterday the city hall of nikea is under occupation from the  people that were at the demo and some more solidarists, demanding the  release of the people that got arrested and the retraction of the  accusations.  More info and photos on athens.indymedia  _________________________________

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

Iraq sends back Deportation flight to the UK!

Iraq sends back UK asylum flight

By Marie Jackson

BBC News

Iraqi asylum seekers sent back to Baghdad by the UK government have been refused re-entry to their homeland, and flown back to Britain.

The flight, carrying about 40 asylum seekers, landed in Baghdad on Thursday. Ten were admitted but the rest were turned away and have now arrived back.

Human rights group Refugee and Migrant Justice said this was "unprecedented".

The Home Office said it was working with the Iraqi government to iron out issues that caused some to be returned.

The asylum seekers are now at Brook House detention centre near Gatwick airport where they are being given legal advice, according to a Refugee and Migrant Justice spokeswoman.

She said: "One would have expected with such a high profile remove, the Home Office would have sorted this out with the Iraqi authorities.

"For such a high profile groups to be returned is unprecedented."

The government's plan to send the group back to Baghdad, where just this week at least eight were killed in attacks on a market in north-west Baghdad, met with criticism from human rights group.

There have been no returns to Iraq since 2008 and this would have been the first return to the capital city since the start of the Iraq war in 2003.

Political and sectarian violence has diminished in Iraq since 2005-07 levels, but lawlessness remains a problem, and there has been a recent spike in violent incidents.

Enforced route

Lin Homer, chief executive of the UK Border Agency, said: "We are establishing a new route to southern Iraq and have successfully returned 10 Iraqis to the Baghdad area. This is an important first step for us.

"We are working closely with the Iraq government to iron out the issues which lead to some of the returnees being sent back, and expect to carry out another flight in the future.

"Having an enforced route for returns is an important part of our overall approach; however the government prefers the majority of returnees to leave voluntarily."

She said more than 2,500 people have chosen to return to Iraq under the Assisted Voluntary Return Programme in the past three years and that was expected to continue.

The Home Office said it has no estimates of the current number of failed Iraqi asylum seekers in the UK, but about 1,000 had returned to northern Iraq last year, either through enforced deportation or voluntarily.

Calais Migrant Solidarity this morning has received three reports by email of direct actions made in and around Calais in solidarity with the 100s of

Calais Migrant Solidarity this morning has received three reports by email of direct actions made in and around Calais in solidarity with the 100s of migrants in the area at the receiving end of constant police harassment and violence.

#1 "Several banners were last night hung from bridges over the A16 Dunkerque-Calais and the A26 Calais-Paris road reading 'Solidarite avec les migrants'. We took these actions to draw attention to the less publicised conditions of migrants in Dunkerque and along the northern French coast who are forced to live in make shift shelters as they wait a chance to cross the channel to the UK. Many of these people are fleeing persecution and war that the EU is enagaged in. We believe these people have a right to move freely to safety and should be treated with respect not the constant police violence that has been evident these last years, months and particularly last weeks in Calais where migrants have been temporarily detained while their shelters are destroyed, only to be dumped back on the streets again. These state and police actions are inhuman, counter-productive and we believe illegal.

No person is illegal - No borders are necessary - Freedom of movement for all"

#2 "The fountain opposite the town hall in Calais was this morning filled with harmless red die to symbolise the blood on the hands of French Immigration minister Eric Besson and UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson. Besson is the worst kind of politician, flitting from left to right, by his wife's recent allegations a constant liar and cheat, seeking to advance his own position by standing by as 'jungles' in Calais are razed, calling them 'inhuman conditions', conditions his policies have created - making people seeking safety and help malnourished, unable to access basic medical care and despite his claims not given the possibility of making asylum claims with due process. Among these people by the police's own reckoning about half are children, many seeking refuge from the wars we have created. We owe these people dignity, not the 'delight' expressed by Johnson as their basic shelters are destroyed and they are displaced yet again. The UK should take responsibility for the human fallout from its illegal wars and let these people into the UK. Calais is the shame of France, the UK and all of Europe. Governments have failed here, only solidarity between people on a human level can make any sense of this brutal daily trauma.

No Borders! No Nations! Freedom of movement for all!"

#3 " In solidarity with the migrants of Calais we would like to report that at around 3.30am this morning the Coquelles police/detention/law court complex south of Calais had it's main vehicle gate and both pedestrian access gates locked shut with heavy duty chains and padlocks. This was an attempt, however brief it may have lasted, to disrupt the daily dawn mobilisation of CRS police units to terrorise migrants 'jungles' and squats with their gas and batons. Enough violence! Enough fascism on the streets of Europe! ...Besson!

No Borders! No Nations!

Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

Deportation flight goes ahead - without France

IRR News
Deportation flight goes ahead - without France
By Frances Webber
8 October 2009, 4:00pm
The French government's last-minute U-turn on a joint Franco-British deportation charter flight to Kabul organised for 6 October was a victory for refugee and migrant rights groups.

Widespread public protest greeted the proposed deportation to Kabul of over one hundred former residents of the woodland squatted area of Calais known as the 'jungle' following its clearance in September 2009. An impressive coalition of thirty-two refugee, human rights and migrant support groups denounced the plan for the French government to participate in a joint Anglo-French deportation flight by putting the Afghan deportees on to the flight from the UK at Lille. The groups argued that 'Afghanistan is a country at war. It is unacceptable to return those who have fled to seek protection in Europe.' They also argued that joint charter flights are contrary to the prohibition on collective expulsion written in to the European Convention on Human Rights, leading to arbitrary practices and discriminatory and inhuman punishment in violation of fundamental human rights.

The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, agreed in July to step up the deportation of irregular migrants congregating in Calais to seek asylum in Britain, in exchange for British prime minister Gordon Brown's promise of more money for technology to sniff out clandestine migrants entering Britain through French ports. The U-turn follows a similar change of heart in November 2008 in response to arguments that deportation to a war zone was illegal under United Nations conventions. According to the Daily Telegraph report of the French decision, flights returning refused asylum seekers, routine in the UK, are 'much more controversial on the other side of the channel'.

According to the report, although the Home Office refused to comment directly on the details of the flight, 'sources' confirmed that the British side of the deportation flight - the removal of twenty-five Afghans from the UK to Kabul - would go ahead as planned.

UNHCR's 2007 eligibility guidelines on Afghanistan, used by governments to assess whether asylum seekers need protection, said that a wide variety of Afghans still needed international protection and were at risk of persecution, while others 'may still be in need of international protection owing to serious and indiscriminate threats to life, physical integrity or freedom resulting from events seriously disturbing public order. Significant areas of Afghanistan are still active combat zones and/or are not under effective government control.' Since the publication of that report, the organisation's September 2009 report on Afghanistan refers to a 'sharp deterioration in security', including twelve deaths by suicide bombings in under a month, which has led to a decrease in voluntary returns.

Despite UNHCR's concerns, in 2008, of a total of 3,505 Afghan asylum applicants, of whom 1,800 were children, only one hundred were recognised as refugees and granted asylum by the UK Border Agency (UKBA), and another ten were granted humanitarian protection (recognising that the situation was not safe for return). 875 applicants were granted discretionary leave (840 of whom were children). A total of 3,840 Afghans were removed from the UK or made a 'voluntary departure' on being refused permission to stay, of whom 875 were returned to Afghanistan and 2,870 to an EU member state.

In the second quarter of 2009, the rate of removal actually increased, despite the deteriorating security situation, and 300 Afghan refused asylum seekers were sent back to Afghanistan. This is despite an official concession by the UKBA that Afghanistan is 'in a state of internal armed conflict', which potentially made all Afghan asylum seekers eligible for humanitarian protection.
Sources: Daily Telegraph: 'France pulls out of deported Afghans' charter flight deal' (6.10.09). Home Office Statistical Bulletin: Control of Immigration Statistics 2008 (August 2009) and supplement, see Immigration and Asylum Statistics. Home Office Statistical Bulletin: Control of Immigration Statistics Second Quarter 2009 and supplement, see Immigration and Asylum Statistics. UNHCR: Eligibility Guidelines, Afghanistan: September 2007, see UNHCR. UNHCR: Situation in Afghanistan: Operational Update, September 2009, see UNHCR. GS (Existence of internal armed conflict) Afghanistan CG [2009] UKAIT 00010 (February 2009), see here.
The Institute of Race Relations is precluded from expressing a corporate view: any opinions expressed are therefore those of the authors.

Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

no deportation charter tonight to kabul!

No there will be not a French charter to Kabul, it has just been officially called off. But thhere may be in the future.
besson a déclaré "pas d'expulsion aujourd'hui"(mardi)

Besson said: "no deport today"(tuesday)

Montag, 5. Oktober 2009

tonight AirportLesquin in Lille - deportation charter to kabul

Suite à l’annonce du charter franco-anglais avec des Afghans
(voircommuniqué :,
les infos seprécisent.
Le charter partirait de l’aéroport de Lille-Lesquin vers 23h30.

Le vol expulserait des personnes raflées dans la jungle de Calais. Il
partirait à 23h30. il faut s’attendre à des transferts depuis le centre de
rétention du Mesnil-Amelot et peut-être de celui de Coquelles.

Nous appelons à un rassemblement à 20h ce mardi soir à l’aéroport
Lesquin pour protester contre ce charter.

Rescue is a Human right! court decision in Italy on the 7/Oktober

The German Captain Stefan Schmidt and his first mate, Elias Bierdel,
were navigating their ship, the Cap Anamur, towards Basra, Iraq, in
2004 with a load of humanitarian supplies when they spotted a group
of 37 refugees lost at sea in an inflatable raft.

The Cap Anamur is equipped with an on-board hospital and has spent 30
years running humanitarian missions around the world.

After bringing the refugees on board, the Captain and his crew
directed the ship to land in a Sicilian port. This was denied by
Italian authorities.

After ten days at sea, the Cap Anamur landed in Italy and both,
Schmidt and Bierdel were arrested. The ship was impounded and the
refugees were deported.

The Italian government is currently prosecuting both Schmidt and
Bierdel and is asking for a four-year prison (4 years!) sentence and
400,000 EUR fine.

The trial, the threat of a possible conviction and the prospect of
further legal proceedings have been a heavy burdens for the accused
for three years now.

Their livelihood and reputation are at risk.
The International League for Human Rights nominated Captain Schmidt
for the decoration by the Carl von Ossietzky Medal 2009 for his
courage and outstanding contribution to the defense, implementation
and further development of the universal human rights including the
universal right to asylum.
The celebration will take place on 13 December 2009 in the central
hall of the House of World Cultures in Berlin.

Please take action.
The wearing trial against the Cap Anamur enters its decisive stage

The Italian court in the region of Agrigento (Sicily) intends to
pronounce the judgmenton 07 October 2009.

The International League for Human Rights raises a sharp protest
against the attempt of the Italian government to criminalize the
humanitarian aid of Captain Schmidt and Elias Bierdel.
We call for an EU-wide solidarity with the accused.

We demand to drop all charges against them and to fully restore their
reputation and will not accept any other judgement!
Please distribute the attached PR (French, Italian, Spanish, German)
widely. Please do develop your own solidarity activities in your
country and additionally EU-wide.The widespread deaths in the
Mediteranian sea has to be stopped. All EU member nations have to
initiate a change of thinking concerning asylum seekers and
immigration.It is hight time to take committed responsibility for the
universal human rights and elementary humanitarian obligations in the
territories of the EU!

Please let the media and authorities in your country know:

The real scandal is the loss of life at the gates of Europe.
Aid and rescue at sea are no crime but a humanitarian imperative!
Berlin, October 2009
The Board
Prof. Dr. Fanny-Michaela Reisin (President)
International League for Human Rights - FIDH/AEDH Germany
Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte (ILMR)
Haus der Demokratie und der Menschenrechte>
Greifswalder Str. 4>
Fon: ++49+30 396 2122
Fax: 2147



A Franco-britannique deportation "charter" is scheduled for October 6 flying to
Kabul. While the humanitarian situation and security continue to deteriorate in Afghanistan, that there has more civilian casualties than ever, and NGOs such as the Secretary General of UN expressed particular concern about the situation, France and Great Britain are trying, as they did in November 2008 with a joint operation. Afghanistan is a country at war. It is unacceptable to refer those that have fled to seek protection in Europe.

France the Minister of immigration is mocking the decision of different courts to release 130 OF the 138 Afghans who had been arrested on September 22, for their removal, with the spectacular closure of the the largest “jungle” in Calais

These courts have highlighted the inanity of this media operation recalling the respect of the people rights and fundamental freedoms Several courts have cancelled the papers obliging the migrants to leave the French territory (APRF) with the motivation of the non respect of the right to claim asylum . the government has not remedied this.

.The government remains locked in his rhetoric about the magnetic effect of the jungle, according to which Afghans, Eritreans, Iraqis, Iranians, Sudanese, etc.. don’t come to Europe to save their lives and their freedoms, but for reasons of pleasure and comfort. According to this rhetoric, the current raids are supposed to carry disincentive messages in the countries of origin. So it like this that the Afghans of Calais are being taken hostage to try to terrorize their fellow victims of violence in the country.

These "cleaning operation” are continuingas well as the placement of Afghans in detention .

The joint charters which are contrary to the principle of collective deportation . They are leading to arbtitrary discriminatory and inhuman practices , in defiance of peoples fundamental rights

We call upon the French and the Britsh authorities to waive any project of deportation to
Afghanistan which would seriously endanger the lives of the Exiles

We reaffirm the urgency of making sense of asylum in Europe by providing a mechanism for all refugees to seek protection in the country of his/her choice. In the meantime, that France can and must suspend the application of the Dublin Regulation so it may host on its territory those who continue to flee conflict and take refuge in Europe.

Cimade Julie Chansel 06 82 24 03 47
julie.chansel @
HYPERLINK "mailto: @ julie.chansel"
julie.chansel @

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

we need our rights - drawings from minor refugee

Noyan a young afghani refugee, staying in the villa azadi in agiasos, lesvos.
most of the minors have had some weeks in prison in pagani.
they know to apreciate the freedom , but do not forget .

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Demands of freedom from the minor prisoners in pagani

this demands were handed out of the pagani prison during the noborder camp in august.
the demands are still aktual. the people that wrote them are not any more in the prison.
but new coming minors refugees are still inprisnonned in pagani everyday.
close pagani ! and all prisons.
freedom of movement !

Call to come to Calais, France (need help urgently)

Call to come to Calais, France (need help urgently)
At this point, Calais is becoming a hell. The "jungles" and squats Calais
are being destroyed. The immigrants are being arrested, detained and then
sent back to the streets with no place to sleep and constant fear of
police violence.

The police and their dogs are preventing immigrants can
return to their previous shelter to pick up their few possessions.
Children as young as 8 are roaming the streets without a home.
As a result, some immigrants have begun a hunger strike and
need our support. Since the No Borders camp in June in Calais we have had
a constant presence, with activists and migrants working together in
solidarity taking action against Besson´s repressive regime of border
control. At the moment there are very few activists in Calais we need

Come to Calais and if you can´t take action and mobilise.
For more information:

interview from calais: two homeless refugees explain their situation

2pm, Wednesday 30th August 2009. Parc Saint Pierre, Calais

Benjamin: This is Benjamin, I am from Iran. I just came in Calais, like, three weeks ago. From three weeks ago the police authority and French government I think they decide to destroy the jungle. First they destroy the Pashtun jungle, after that they destroy the Kurdish jungle. All people, they moved to the town from jungle. Now we are in town. And Iranian jungle they destroy as well. Now we are in town and the police disturb us every morning every night.

Ali: Four O'Clock in the morning. And at night, 2 pm.

Interviewer: Where are you sleeping?

Benjamin: In the parks, under the bridge.

Ali: They are all the time taking us in detention for a few hours. They want to make us crazy. What are they doing? We don't know. Nothing.

Benjamin: They just trying to disturb us to leave Calais. And now we start to have a hunger strike to get help from other countries. We ask for other Western countries to come and help us. And we start hunger strike from today 12, at noon. We need help. We need help actually. And we don't want to stay any more in France because of police and because of government. They don't respect anybody. They don't respect anyone in Calais and in Paris it is the same. Our situation is very bad. We have no good food. All the time we are getting is the same food, same as yesterday, usually only bread and bananas. We have nowhere to sleep. We are looking for somewhere safe at least to sleep, to get some respect from people, from government, from policeauthorities. Actually I can tell you about one day, the police come, just like five days ago, they come, they talk with us; they hit a friend of mine next to me, they hit him with a stick into his head, and we have witnesses and evidence of this too. We said stop this, they say they dont care, they will do anything we we want. And they searched our bags and baggage and (interview pauses, as two police vans and more police on foot appear from around the corner, gesturing; Video ends here, as interviewer, friends and migrants are asked for ID and dispersed for being a larger crowd than three people)

good news from Molivos

We all know that "shit happens" but sometimes good things happen too.

A few days ago the management of one of the large tourist hotels in
Molyvos invited a group of refugees who were passing by on the way to
the village to enter the hotel premises. The local baker, who is also
providing us (Proti Stasy) with bread for the refugees, was called in
to bring them something to eat.

Even though this may be a one-time event, we, the people from the
refugee support group in Molyvos, wanted to let you all know.