Freitag, 30. Oktober 2009

last day of pagani? demonstration and squatet warm night for refugees

after 24 hours spend in the cold in the harbour, this palastinian baby finnaly found the warm place to dream of a world without borders probably, in the freshly and for this purpose squat of a university buidling in mitilini,tonight.
also the grown ups enjoy being free from pagani but also in the warm learning place...
this noon in pagani,while somebody writes again and again the word freedom,
all police and social workers have disapeared since two days.
also the doktors don´t come anymore.
the only ones are the refugees who stay inside as long as they dont get the registration paper,and one police car outside.
the newspapers said today that pagani will close by monday.

this evening 250 people demonstrated in mitlinis town, for the closure of Pagani.
among them 30 refugees , just freed the last days and not having gotten ferry tikets
from the prefecture and not having themselfs money to go on,
stayed in the harbour and joined the demonstration.

i like the freedom this way !
said one of them holding the front banner.

since 24 hours in the cold, before that 28 days in pagani.

the last prisonners of pagani wave goodby.
"sorry! instead of love we give you trouble! "
said this young afghan boy
thanking us for the solidarity.
his best friend is still in pagani.

big happiness about getting finnaly the ferry tikets from the prefekture.

a bus in the harbour with the grafitie: our home is the hole world.
and behind the window the sign: please validate your tikets .

a palästinian couple with two kids schow their papers from the UNHCR.
but greek authorities can obviously not yet read.