Samstag, 5. März 2011

Announcement of the hunger strikers to society (4/3)

Announcement-response to the government’s 
after the meeting (of the immigrants-workers 

hunger strikers) with the ministers:

1. We hunger strikers, from the places of our strike in Athens and
Thessaloniki and from hospitals, unanimously reject the government’s
proposal for a regime
of tolerance, because it does not respond to our claim for legalization with
freedom of movement, work-based renewal and all other rights that legal
immigrants have in Greece and Europe.

2. We reject the request of the minister of Health to transfer
all Athens’ hunger strikers to hospitals due to weather conditions’
As we have done for 39 days with cold and floods, we continue
the hunger strike in Hypatia building (Patission Ave, and Ipirou Str.),
and of course those who are in critical condition will be transfered
to hospitals under our doctors’s orders.

3. We stress once again that the nationwide hunger strike is our struggle,
that we take the decisions on all issues, and we demand the lies
and slander to be stopped.

The 300 hunger strikers in Athens and Thessaloniki, 4 March 2011